Students Showcase Skills During I Love Math Day

West End Students Showcase Skills During I Love Math Day  thumbnail164728

Elementary school students throughout the district participated in I Love Math Day on Feb. 14. The special day encouraged students in all grade levels to persevere through different challenging open-ended math problems. They wore red to celebrate their love of numbers and how they can work together to make mathematics fun and exciting. 

During the day, classes watched a video featuring a math version of the hit song “Old Town Road.” They also watched a video about the power of struggle and developing a growth mindset. While working with partners and groups, the students utilized the website Youcubed to solve math problems as they applied the strategies that they learned in class.

The students also used manipulatives and hands-on math strategies. This included utilizing counters, dice, place value charts/disks, pennies and more. They participated in math discussions about the most efficient and effective math strategies for solving different problems and students wrote about what they learned from the activities, the connections they made and the advice they would give to someone who is having difficulty in math. It was a great day!