Driving Up to First Grade

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Lynbrook administrators, board members and staff members from the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center filled the school’s parking lot with colorful balloons and signs to honor the Kindergarten Class of 2020 on June 12. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak, Principal Ellen Postman and staff members wore matching green T-shirts to mark the occasion, along with face masks. Although it was not the school’s traditional graduation ceremony which is usually held in the Lynbrook High School gymnasium, it was still a day to remember as the kindergarten graduates and their families drove through the parking lot in beautifully decorated cars and were greeted with cheers and waves from staff members. 

Each kindergarten graduate received a Class of 2020 balloon in their class color, along with special goodies from their teacher. Many students waved through their car window or sunroof as upbeat music filled the parking lot. The families drove from one side of the lot to the other, officially marking the end of their child’s kindergarten year and the beginning of a new chapter: first grade.