Marion Street's Little Doctors Make a Difference

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Fifth-graders at Marion Street Elementary School donned matching t-shirts and a paper headband mirror while serving as student volunteers in the Little Doctors Program during the school’s annual blood drive on Oct. 5. The Little Doctors program, sponsored by New York Blood Services, helps teach elementary school students the importance of donating blood.

Coordinated by Victoria Schiller and the help of teachers, the blood drive brought in community members looking to give back. The Little Doctors eagerly greeted donors and supplied them with snacks and drinks to replenish them after giving blood. Others created handmade thank you cards to show their appreciation for the donors. 

The experience allowed students to learn first-hand how it feels to give back and volunteer their time to help others. 

“My favorite part about volunteering today is seeing people’s reactions after we remind them that they saved three lives by donating,” said fifth-grader Evie Dellacona. 

“I really enjoyed making the cards and knowing that we are helping people in need,” added fifth-grader AJ Berkowitz.