Book Tasting Inspires Fifth-Grade Readers

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In an effort to expose students to a variety of new books, Waverly Park Elementary School fifth graders in Amy Garfinkel’s class participated in a “Book Tasting” on Oct. 31. With the classroom transformed into a restaurant, the students rotated tables to explore the new books that were added to the classroom library while discussing them with their peers and dining with snacks and water. 

The students were dressed in creative costumes for Halloween and Garfinkel embraced the setting with her chef outfit. She walked around the room to answer questions and refill water cups. Each student had a menu where they wrote about the books that were presented to them. The class was tasked with answering several questions on the different stories and at the conclusion of the activity, were given a bookmark to rank their top three book choices that they were interested in reading further. 

The engaging activity coincided with the students 40 Book Challenge, requiring them to read a variety of genres throughout the year such as historical fiction, fantasy, poetry, realistic fiction, biographies and more. 

“By doing the Book Tasting, I hoped that my students would continue to learn about the many genres available to them as well as expose them to all the new books I bought within a creative atmosphere,” said Garfinkel. “I always want them to walk away enthusiastic about reading. They all know me by now and how passionate I am about reading. I’m doing my best to bring out their reading passion as well.”