Professional Artists Paint Reality for Students

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Lynbrook High School art students in Tom Sena’s Senior Portfolio Art class are getting a taste of real world experiences in the eyes of artists with the help of the class’ “Virtual Professional Artist Series.” This is the third year that students have been introduced to the series which allows them to speak to a variety of different artists each month throughout the school year.

Artists are invited to speak to the class via video conference to educate students on their process and their experiences. The series kicked off with fiber artist Dani Ives in Sept. and continued with Virginia-based mural painter, Hamilton Glass on Oct. 26. Students had the opportunity to ask questions to the artists to better understand their careers, artistic styles, inspiration and more. 

Hamilton discussed a number of important aspects of his life and work including how he got his start, how it feels to be public artist, how environmental factors influence his process and how he negotiates the value of a project. He also offered words of encouragement, telling students to “know their worth.” 

“I started the VPA Series three years ago as a way to connect our Senior Portfolio Art students to "real world" professionals who are making a living in creative careers,” said Sena. “I've tried to expose them to a variety of artists who use different approaches and techniques, including academic painters, muralists, fiber artists, illustrators and tattoo artists, in an effort to show them various paths to success in the professional art world. As the series continues, I would like to also connect them with curators, restoration artists, and museum personnel as well, to touch upon as many art career options as possible.”