Students at North Middle School Breakout their History Skills

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Lynbrook North Middle School eighth-graders in Neil Farina’s American History classes recently participated in an engaging lesson which channeled the popular “Escape Room” phenomenon. Students were split into four different groups and were challenged to answer questions based upon their coursework in an effort to crack the codes and open a locked box.

Using tablets to scan QR codes and their textbooks, students collaborated to solve the clues which highlighted important historical figures, locations in the United States and more, in the race to finish first. They were also supplied with blue LED flashlights to read hidden clues. The educational activity was introduced to Farina by Principal Sean Fallon. 

“This was a review activity disguised as a game,” said Farina. “It hit a lot of different styles of learning and it forced them to work as a team. It seemed like they had a great time so I’m happy.” 

Teams yelled out in excitement as they cracked their codes and opened parts of the lock. Once they completed the task and opened the box, candy was waiting for them as a reward. 

“It was fun,” said eighth-grader Madison Murphy. “Working with my classmates made it easier because we all worked together.