West End’s Drama Club Presents ‘The Music Man Kids’

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West End Elementary School fourth- and fifth-graders in the school’s drama club took the stage on Jan. 23 in their production of ‘The Music Man Kids.’ Under the direction of music teacher Maria Stella Kruh, the cast and crew showcased their talents, performing for their peers during the day and their loved ones that evening.

Based on the book by Meredith Willson including music and lyrics, and Franklin Lacey, the show focused on shady salesman Professor Harold Hill played by student Jack Ceglie, who arrives in River City, Iowa claiming to be a musician seeking to form a band. Through the promise of instruments and uniforms, Professor Hill cons the townspeople into thinking he is the real deal while falling for the town’s librarian, Marian Paroo, played by student Bobbie Applebaum. The townspeople ultimately find out that he is a fraud and that the band members did not learn the skills necessary to play but the band plays their struggling notes to the praises of their parents, leaving the town happy once again. 

The production was a collaborative effort with help from the West End PTA, family members, staff and Lynbrook High School and middle school volunteers. With their support, the students successfully dressed the part in their early 1900s clothing and makeup and gave each musical number their all. 

“Everyone in the cast worked very hard and seriously while having fun,” said Kruh. “They did such an awesome job in their performances and I am so proud of each and every student!”