An Artful Experience

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To improve students’ visual literacy and help them develop a greater understanding of the importance of art in everyday life, Studio Art students at Lynbrook South Middle School received a visit from Lisa Sayedi, museum educator from the Heckscher Museum of Art in Huntington. Her in-class art workshop from Jan. 22-25 ended with a culminating trip to the Heckscher Museum to view the exhibit “From Frankenthaler to Warhol: Art of the '60s and '70s” on Jan. 26.  

Throughout the week, students observed and discussed the artwork of two artists while making thematic connections. They then researched and explored circles and spirals throughout history, both manmade and found in nature, all while learning about the ancient history of the mandala and how it is still used in contemporary artwork. 

In addition, students compared and contrasted different types of symmetry, reviewed elements of color theory and developed their skills in watercolor, oil pastel and collage with their project on spiral wheels. Once complete, the artwork will become part of a group installation to be displayed in the school. 

“It was a cool experience to learn a different perspective of art,” said eighth-grader Drue Marchetta. 

“I think it was interesting learning from a different educator as well,” added classmate Sophia Schneider.