“Wonder Day” Inspires North Middle School Students

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Students and staff at Lynbrook North Middle School embraced the positive messages of the new film, “Wonder” by participating in “Wonder Day” on Feb. 5. The students began the day with a trip to the movie theatre to view to the film with their classes and then returned to the school to reflect on the meaning of acceptance, kindness, mindfulness and self-love through a variety of different activities and presentations. 

The film “Wonder” focuses on a boy born with a facial disfigurement who is an outcast at school. He faces challenges every day with bullies and learns to overcome adversity. Acknowledging important messages within the film that students could learn and grow from, North Middle School created 10 presentation/activity sessions where students could choose two that they wanted to experience. Presentations included myFace presenter Dina Zuckerberg who shared her life experience of growing up with a facial deformity and Daniel Trush from Daniel’s Music Foundation, an organization that empowers those with disabilities through music programs. Trush spoke to students about his brain injury and how music has played a critical role in his recovery. 

Students could further their interest of music through a “Wonder” music activity and analysis session. Other activities included a mindfulness session to clear the mind and focus on the present and a popsicle stick activity where each student painted three popsicle sticks, together forming a unique mural. 

In addition, students participated in a Breakout EDU activity inspired by growth mindset, team building activities in the gymnasium, yoga, a “Stars of Change” project where students created quotes to be displayed around the school and SMILES for Raven, creating cards for a young girl who is hospital-bound. 

“The movie certainly set the tone with the ideas and values such as friendship, courage and the chance to be kind to everyone,” said teacher and coordinator Jim O’Hara. “The afternoon presenters and activities were able to reinforce the idea of becoming more tolerant and more accepting of those around you. The students were extremely happy with having the ability to select the presenters and activities for the afternoon.”