Kindergarten Students Bring Chinese New Year to Life

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In honor of the Chinese New Year, students in Kim Fitzsimmons class at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center immersed themselves in Chinese culture through different educational stations and activities on Feb. 16. Leading up to the celebration, the class previously read two stories about China and the Chinese New Year and decorated their classroom in the spirit of the Year of the Dog. 

With the guidance of Fitzsimmons and English as a New Language teacher Madelyn Torres, the students participated in three stations. These consisted of a building activity where students were challenged to create the Great Wall of China, a math activity and a letter activity featuring a giant bowl of noodles, play fish and rice. The class also received red envelopes with play money and stickers and wore their Chinese New Year hats to parade down the hallway with a paper dragon, wishing students and staff a happy new year.

As a diverse class of students who come from different backgrounds, Fitzsimmons wanted to highlight her students’ cultures to give them a better understanding of the world. The class had previously celebrated Diwali to learn about another students’ culture.  

“I want the students to develop an appreciation for their differences and not look at it as being strange but something special,” she said. “To show students that even though we are different, there are some things that we have in common. It’s appreciation awareness because if we’re all the same, how boring would life be.”