Students Honor Influential Leaders During Black History Month

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Students throughout Lynbrook North and South middle schools celebrated Black History Month during the month of February by participating in lessons focused on the civil rights era and historic African American leaders.

Lynbrook South Middle School sixth-graders spoke about the film “Hidden Figures,” which spotlights a team of female African American mathematicians who served an important role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program. In the classroom, English teachers continued the conversation by having sixth-graders research and present on inspirational African American writers such as Maya Angelou, Frederick Douglass and Langston Hughes. Students worked in groups to learn about their specific individual’s life and shared their information with their class through a PowerPoint presentation.

Seventh-graders at Lynbrook South Middle School visited Lehman College to see a special performance in celebration of African American culture and eighth-graders read poems and researched African American individuals and their influence on literature. In music classes, eighth-graders explored African American music and the influence of their culture on society.

Students at Lynbrook North Middle School also learned more about African American individuals through history. Sixth-graders selected an inspirational quote from an African American leader and created different ways to display their words in an artful way. Seventh-graders studied inspirational poetry written by African American authors, focusing on themes and images of freedom, celebration, perseverance and strength and composed their own poems that served as an “Ode to Black History Month.” 

In addition, eighth-graders researched African American individuals who made significant contributions to society. The students then determined the philosophy of the individual based on their biography and contributions and created a digital quilt square with symbols, colors and text. Their work was then displayed on screens throughout the building.