Marion Street Students Return to Colonial Times

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As part of their unit on colonial times, fourth-grade students in Christine Castellano’s class at Marion Street Elementary School created a classroom Colonial Times exhibit on Feb. 28 to showcase what they learned to family members and other fourth and fifth-grade classes. 

During the course of a month and a half, students formed groups and researched topics such as colonial clothing, games and activities, housing, schooling and transportation, while putting together poster boards, props and dioramas about what they had learned. Each group was encouraged to use supplies from home and at school to make their projects come to life.

“My favorite part was actually making the mini dresses,” said fourth-grader Sophia Woods who researched colonial clothing. “That was really fun.” 

While exploring the time period, the students also brought back valuable lessons through their research, design period and presentations. They received a better understanding of how to work as a group and collaborate while effectively managing their time. 

Visitors walked around the room to view the projects and hear from group members. Many visitors also enjoyed the games created by students in the colonial games and activities group which consisted of colonial bowling and a cup and ball game.