West End Scientists Showcase Their Research Skills

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Fourth- and fifth-grade students at West End Elementary School presented their unique science projects to family members and classes on March 8 during the school’s annual Science Fair. Individual and group projects were displayed on poster boards throughout the school gymnasium while students spoke about what they learned. 

Students got creative and explored research topics such as how food coloring affects the look of flowers, what ingredients make a lava lamp, what happens when Mentos reacts in soda, whether smell affects taste and what ingredients clean a penny the best. 

Each participant was required to develop and test their hypotheses using the scientific method and their proposals were reviewed by the school’s Science Committee, consisting of science teacher Annmarie Roth, Principal Dr. Cindy Lee, teachers Chelsea Jaret, Kathlyn Passalacqua and Jenny Winn and parent representatives Tara Aragona, Karen Dichter, Renee Jaworowski, Moira Regan and Erin Wulff.

“It was wonderful to see West End's enthusiastic scientists and engineers share their research and projects at the West End Science Fair,” said Roth. “I was extremely impressed with the students' creative projects as well as their ability to present their engineering designs and science discoveries.”