Cultures Connect at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center

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It was a day of celebration at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center as students gathered to embrace their diverse backgrounds and heritages during the school’s annual multicultural festival on March 23. 

Many students dressed in their cultural attire as classes assembled in the school gymnasium for the festivities. Families were invited to the special event as tables were set up with different items that students brought in, highlighting their country of origin. Principal Ellen Postman hosted the presentation which included performances from students and their family members. 

Kindergartner Suvali Sharma and her father Vipin Sharma educated audience members on their Indian culture as Mr. Sharma played the traditional tabla (drums) while his daughter sang a children’s song. Kindergartner Tyler He and his mother Bin Liu also performed during the celebration in honor of their Chinese culture. The two sang a Chinese song together, Tyler recited a Chinese poem and both created Chinese calligraphy, which they translated for the audience.  

In addition, kindergartners performed different songs and cultural dances with partners such as the Italian folk dance, the tarantella. To conclude the event on a high note, the kindergartners all sang, “It’s a Small World” together, symbolizing the school’s unity.