A Gallery of Cultures

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In preparation for West End Elementary School’s International Night on April 18, West End fifth-graders participated in a gallery walk on April 13 and displayed a symbol or artifact that represented their heritage. Each student brought in or supplied a photo of their item and showcased their artifact on their desk with a paragraph about where it originated from and what it means to their family. 

The school transformed into a museum as the fifth-grade classes traveled around the building to observe what their peers brought in. Each student received a packet where they wrote about one artifact from each class that made an impression on them. Artifacts included pieces of clothing, family crests, flags, jewelry, utensils and more. 

The lesson encouraged students to explore their own heritages while learning about the diverse backgrounds of others.

“I learned that there are many different heritages and that they are all different,” said fifth-grader Alexa Saborido. “You should love where you come from.”