Lynbrook’s Budget Passes!

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Thank you to all residents who participated in the 2018-19 budget vote and trustee election. The budget passed by a vote of 767 to 359, with Proposition 2 (use of the technology replacement fund) passing by a vote of 838 to 277, Proposition 3 (use of building renovation, improvement, upgrade, equipment fund reserve) passing by a vote of 824 to 301 and Proposition 4 (establishment of grounds renovation, improvement, and equipment reserve fund) passing by a vote of 777 to 346.

In addition, congratulations to Robert Paskoff, Lesli Deninno, and David Yaker who were reelected as trustees to the Board of Education. The vote totals for the Board race were as follows:

Lesli Deninno: 828
Robert Paskoff: 809
David Yaker: 793

Again, thank you to all who voted!