Outstanding Science Research Students Leave Their Mark

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The senior science research class at Lynbrook High School is leaving their legacy. All 24 members of the senior research class entered the Regeneron (formerly INTEL) Science Talent Search, which resulted in a record number of submissions this year for the school. In addition, the students have entered a variety of other research contests, winning awards in several categories from first place to honorable mention.
During the year, two senior science research students, Robert Bing and Alexander Mertz were published in professional science journals, an impressive accomplishment for high school seniors. Bing was published in The Journal of Emerging Scientists, June 2018 for his piece “Overcoming The Uncanny Valley Through Shared Stressful Experience with a Humanoid Robot” while Mertz was published in the PLOS Computational Biology, March 2018 for his piece “A Mechanistic Pan-Cancer Pathway Model Informed by Multi-Omics Data Interprets Stochastic Cell Fate Responses to Drugs and Mitogens.”

Of all the accomplishments that the senior science research class has achieved, they are most proud of what they are leaving with their fellow research students. The senior research class has mentored middle school students and the freshmen and sophomore research classes to prepare them for their own research competitions. They have also laid the foundation for Lynbrook High School’s new Science National Honor Society which will begin induction of students next year, having established the charter this year.