Students Build Business Skills

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Lynbrook High School students in Dr. Benedict Tieniber’s virtual enterprise class recently put their interpersonal and professional skills to the test as they were interviewed by Principal Joseph Rainis and assistant principals Matthew Sarosy and Salvatore Brescia about their new product, “Fit Pet.” The interviews allowed the executive board to be determined for their product which monitors a pets health, location through GPS and keeps them safe.

With the help of Dr. Tieniber, the students prepared for the interview process by refining their soft skills, interview skills, cover letter and resumes. They also had to create cover letters for the positions they wanted to run for with their resumes. Before the big day, Lynbrook High School guidance counselor Susan Moller and teachers Eric Finder and Stephen LoCicero, volunteered their free time to assist the students with mock interviews and provided tips.  

The virtual enterprise course is an elective that is offered to Lynbrook High School students in grades 10-12. Corresponding with the district’s 2018-19 theme “Imagine, Innovate, Inspire,” the international program enables students to experience a simulated business environment by collaborating and solving problems in business situations. Those who successfully complete the course are eligible to receive up to nine undergraduate credits from Farmingdale State College through their University in the High School program. 

Congratulations to the following virtual enterprise students on their new “Fit Pet” positions: Eric Levine, chief executive officer; Ben Tatelman, chief financial officer; Lance Ezratty and Matthew Calabro, co-chief operating officer; Ben Cohen and Miranda Zaransky, vice president of human relations; Allison Shifflett and Connor Reichert, co-vice president of sales and marketing; William Miata and Joshua Polanky, vice president of informational technology/graphics; Kerin Bartels and Jonathan Mottola, vice president editorial. 

The students will participate in their first elevator pitch competition on Oct. 19 at LIU with “Fit Pet.”