Leading the Way to Healthy Habits

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Reinforcing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, kindergarten students at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center learned about the benefits of exercise, eating right, dental hygiene and more with the help of 28 Molloy College nursing students on Oct. 18. Senior nursing students enrolled in the Community Health course, visit the Kindergarten Center each year to educate on health and wellness. 

Kindergarten classes visited the school gymnasium throughout the day in which they rotated stations and heard from the nursing students. With colorful display boards and different items to reinforce health concepts, the kindergartners learned how to properly brush their teeth, what healthy foods are, how to cross the street safely, a variety of exercise moves and more. They also answered questions and received worksheets and stickers for their participation in the stations.

Molloy College nursing faculty members Elaine Burger, Lynnelle Glenn, Elizabeth Perez, Irene Rush and Joy Scharfman were on hand to support their students, along with Kindergarten Center Principal Ellen Postman and the kindergarten teachers who walked around with their classes. 

“The nursing students are presenting health education topics such as hand washing, care of the teeth, bullying, street safety and healthy eating to teach the kindergarten children and get them off to a good start,” said Molloy nursing professor Elaine Burger. “Healthcare is now really in the community.”