West End Wrap Up! Oct. 26th

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It has been an exciting week at West End Elementary School as students and staff participated in Red Ribbon Week, dressed in pink to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month and celebrated Unity Day on Oct. 24 along with the rest of the district (full story coming soon). Seventeen fifth-graders presented a short skit called “Bullying Stops Here,” which focused on how to make friends and help stop bullying. They presented the skit with 5 songs which were also learned by the entire student body. Together, the entire school sang songs about friendship, compassion, and doing the good they know to do.

In addition, West End students involved in the Math Olympiad Club showcased their problem solving skills during their second session with club advisor Ms. Chelsea Jaret. The school also raised $283.35 for the Owl Coin Project. This project allows the community to donate spare change that will go towards outstanding food service bills for Lynbrook families with children who have a demonstrated need. Last year, the schools were able to help over 50 families just by collecting donated nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies. All funds collected will go directly towards purchasing meals for Lynbrook students.