Lynbrook Takes a Stand Against Bullying

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Administrators, students and staff throughout the district donned orange clothing and accessories to celebrate Unity Day on Oct. 24. Unity Day is recognized across the country as a stance against bullying and a day to gather together in support of kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Each building in the district did something special to commemorate the day and the strong message it pertained. From a variety of in-class activities, to creating a school-wide peace sign at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center and Waverly Park Elementary School, each student and staff member showcased their support of the day. At Waverly Park Elementary School, students also enjoyed a Unity Day puppet show performed by fifth-graders and tied an orange ribbon to the school fence to signify their pledge for unity. Marion Street Elementary School students celebrated unity throughout the week as they participated in a Unity Walk around the school track with their crafted mustaches symbolizing, “we mustache you to be kind.” 

At West End Elementary School, students performed Unity Day skits and marched with staff members to represent that “every step you take matters.” Each student held up an orange cutout of a shoe which they decorated with signs of peace and words of how they will promote kindness. At the middle school level, Lynbrook South Middle School students decorated doorways with positive messages while Lynbrook North Middle School students created orange pinwheels as part of Pinwheels for Peace. In addition, Lynbrook High School building administrators, faculty and students created a sea of orange as they gathered for a schoolwide Unity Day photo.