West End Students Have a Ball with STEAM Project

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West End Elementary School second-graders in Sara Dinowitz’s class and fourth-graders in Kathlyn Passalacqua’s class participated in a collaborative science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics project together on Jan. 30. The classes try to meet every other week during the school year to work together on STEAM activities. For this project, the second- and fourth-graders teamed up to create their own ball games using just aluminum foil. 

Working in small groups, the students brainstormed game ideas, collectively determined the rules, built their game and then tested it. Once completed, students rotated around Ms. Dinowitz’s classroom to try their classmates games. Students showcased their creativity, making games that resembled baseball, basketball, bowling, hockey and more. The classes enjoyed playing the different games and offered suggestions on how some of the games could be improved. After the students tried all the games, they returned to their groups to complete a reflection worksheet on what went well with their game and what could be improved.  

The second and fourth grade class collaboration has been a successful and exciting new experience for the students. 

“It’s a different way for them to learn and they love it,” said Ms. Dinowitz. “The second-graders rise to the occasion and the fourth-graders are role models to them. They really push the second-graders to think outside of the box.”