Middle School Coding Masters

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Lynbrook North Middle School eighth-graders enrolled in the middle school coding course worked on creating their own games on March 1. The interactive course, which is taught by teacher James O’Hara, allows students to learn how to write block code and JavaScript. 

The coding course was added to the middle school curriculum for both Lynbrook North Middle School and Lynbrook South Middle School about two years ago, giving students important technical skills in a world where technology is constantly evolving. According to Mr. O’Hara, students create coding projects during the class sessions which include themed games. The students populate their own codes and work diligently on their tablets to make their ideas come to life. They then share their games with their peers. 

The course introduces many students to coding for the first time. Those that wish to pursue a career in this field can build on their foundation with one of the applied mathematics courses at Lynbrook High School such as Advanced Placement Java Programming.