Bravo’s Top Chefs “Like” What LHS Graphic Design Is Cooking!

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Students in Mr. Kunz’s Graphic Design class at Lynbrook High School recently finished a menu design project where they designed menu cards inspired by Bravo’s Top Chef “Restaurant Wars” episode. The two-part episode featured the 9 remaining contestants breaking up into 3 teams to create pop-up restaurants, complete with full menus, design schemes, and staffs of waiters, in less than 48 hours. The students in Kunz’s class used the three teams featured: North East, Third Coast, and Thistle, to create some incredible menu designs. 

The students focused on the contestant’s personalities, their food, and vision for their restaurant to create their unique menu designs.    
When the projects were complete, several of the menu designs were posted to Mr. Kunz’s class Instagram, @LHSKUNZ and the projects were immediately noticed and praised by the top chef chefs and judges from the show! 

Chef Brandon Rosen commented, “Amazing work! So happy to see our restaurant creations get developed and improved by students! The up and coming generation of restauranteurs!!! I love seeing so much creativity in the classroom! When I was in school, I used to love my marketing class projects... which were always centered on food and restaurant promotion! Keep at it! Love the teaching method! Great work!!”  

Chef David Viana commented, “Your kids are truly talented!! Thanks for watching this season! All of us chefs are so grateful.” In addition, Chef Adrienne Wright, who commented, “These are really great! Love creative combinations of entertainment and education!” also featured the students work on her Instagram story.  

Great job to all the students in the class!