Sixth-Graders Transform Into Game Inventors

Sixth-Graders Transform Into Game Inventors photo thumbnail114491

Lynbrook North Middle School sixth-graders in Christine DeSimone’s math classes put their math skills and creativity to the test as they designed their very own math board games. Working in groups of three to four students, the goal of the project was to create a math board game that could help other students review what they have learned this year.

Each group brainstormed an instructions sheet for their game which included the object of the game, recommended ages of the players and the amount of players that the game is suitable for. Students also had to incorporate at least 20 mathematical question cards into their board game with at least five cards being a word problem. The math problems related to topics from units that the students learned this year. This included Operations with Decimals, Operations with Fractions, GCF/LCM, Exponents/Order of Operations/Algebra problems, Solving Equations, Inequalities, Ratios, Unit Rates, and Proportions. 

The sixth-graders added game pieces, along with fun clipart and illustrations to bring their games to life. After testing out their projects, the games were displayed for other groups in their class to try. The activity was a great way to build upon mathematical knowledge in a fun and creative way!