Students Cover Others With Kindness

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Waverly Park Elementary School first- and second-graders recently learned the meaning of kindness and inclusion during their library periods with library media specialist Meghan Ceglie. Kicking off the lesson on World Down Syndrome Day, Mrs. Ceglie read the book “The Big Umbrella” by Amy June Bates and Juniper Bates to classes, which highlighted the importance of welcoming others in and always having room to share. 

After the reading, the students gathered at tables in the school library to create their own big umbrella. The activity allowed students to reflect on the book while drawing and illustrating who would be under their big umbrella. Students listed friends, family, teachers and more. They also included positive words about what the big umbrella means to them such as kindness, love and friendship. After each student completed their worksheet, Mrs. Ceglie proudly displayed their creations in the hallway to inspire others.