Students Seek to Bring Smiles to Hospital-Bound Children

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Waverly Park Elementary School third- and fourth-graders recently participated in the Starlight Children’s Foundation My Starlight Gown Contest. Students entered the contest after being inspired by the book “Come With Me” by Holly M. McGhee, encouraging readers to make the world a better place. The My Starlight Gown Contest welcomes kids and families to design their own original hospital gowns to bring happiness to hospitalized children. 

The contest is sponsored by Niagara Cares and partners with Scholastic, who with every entry, will give a book to a child in the hospital. Waverly Park students illustrated their designs on the Starlight Gown template and submitted their creations. The designs will be judged in April on effort, originality, creativity and appropriateness of the gown design. Finalists will be announced in May and the two winning designs will be made into real Starlight Gowns for hospitalized children across the country to wear. 

Waverly Park students enjoyed putting their creative ideas to paper with their unique contest entries. The activity not only spotlighted the importance of compassion but also showed students how they can make their mark on the world.