Blooming Appreciation This Mother’s Day

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Kindergarten classes at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center have been learning about plant life cycles just in time for spring. Students in Kimberly Murphy and Michele Regan’s class incorporated their unit on plants into a special Mother’s Day activity on May 10. 

Students rotated to three different stations in the classroom. At the first station, Ms. Murphy read a Mother’s Day poem and had the kindergartners recite it before each student planted a flower in a cup to give to their mother. Students worked with their classmates to help pour the soil into their cup as the group discussed the different parts of the flower. At the second station, Mrs. Regan helped students plant sunflower seeds which the students will watch grow in the classroom. Students worked on their reading skills and finished coloring a book about plants at the final station. 

In addition to giving a flower to their loved ones, the students each created a book with their hand print as a flower on the cover. Inside, students showcased their writing skills as they wrote about their mothers.