LHS Students Bring “Fit Pet” to Youth Business Summit

Youth Business Summit Photo thumbnail119680
Lynbrook High School students in Dr. Benedict Tieniber’s Virtual Enterprise course participated in Virtual Enterprise International’s 2019 Youth Business Summit Trade Show in Brooklyn, where they showcased their company, “Fit Pet.” 

The one-of-a kind global business convention for virtual enterprise students allowed them to network and show off their products, goods and services to others. Lynbrook was commended during the event as “Fit Pet” sales for the day totaled more than $250,000. After the third and last review of form operations by VEI International, “Fit Pet” was ranked again as a top 50 firm nationwide.

It has been a successful year for the Lynbrook VE students and their company. During the 2018-2019 national online competitions, “Fit Pet” placed in the top 25% for elevator pitch and company branding and earned honorable mention for their website, newsletter and video commercial. The students also earned the silver award for company branding when they presented “Fit Pet” at the 2019 Long Island Regional Conference and Exhibition. 

“Virtual Enterprise has been a valuable experience in showing me how the business world operates,” said Lynbrook High School senior Billy Miata. “Through Virtual Enterprise, Dr. Tieniber has become a great mentor to me, inspiring me to pursue a future in business. This class has given me opportunities to find my interests in business and has given me the self-confidence I need before I leave high school.” 

Congratulations to Dr. Tieniber and his students!