Key Club Earns Second Hemoglobin Award

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The Lynbrook High School Key Club recently received the Hemoglobin Award from the New York Blood Association for the second consecutive year. The honor is given to a school with an outstanding number of blood donations. At the end of May, Lynbrook High School Key Club officers and other important members were accompanied by adviser Dr. Benedict Tieniber on a trip to LIU Post to receive the award. 

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Lynbrook High School Key Club hosted their annual blood drives which through their success, led to this award. The Key Club’s April blood drive was just one of three blood drives that generated 256 donations, saving a total of 768 lives. Leading up to each drive, Key Club members broadcasted the events and spread awareness while sharing the importance of each contribution. Through this, the students ultimately empowered their peers to donate and save a life. 

“The blood drive was another outlet that fabricated unity, allowing students and members of the community to come together and share strength,” said Dr. Tieniber. “Without deliberation, the blood drive forges a comforting atmosphere, fostering an environment where one can give solace to an unfamiliar face without hesitation.” 

At LIU Post, Lynbrook’s Key Club members, among other students representing their schools, participated in a ceremony where the deserving schools received awards and recognition. The New York Blood Association organized games and had a speaker who shared her dismal yet inspiring story about the hardships she faced as child and how an abundance of blood transfusions aided her on her path to recovery. The story allowed the students to see deeper into the issue and really shed a light on the importance of donating blood. 

“This was my second time getting the privilege to represent my school and both times were an insightful reminder on what’s behind all the meetings, planning, and hundreds of donations,” said Lynbrook High School senior and Key Club member Matt Geller. “It shows how important what we’re doing really is.” 

In the upcoming years, the Lynbrook High School Key Club will continue to put fourth its best efforts to obtain an immense amount of donations and preserve its devotion to the New York Blood Association. 

Congratulations, Key Club!