Cooking Up Fun at Lynbrook North Middle School

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Students are serving up valuable skills with Lynbrook North Middle School’s after-school Cooking Club. Open to all Lynbrook North Middle School students, the club is run by foreign language teacher Rebecca Krieger and has approximately 80 members who meet each month.
With such a high enrollment number, club members are separated into three different groups. Each group meets once a month to cook a tasty treat or dish with their peers. The chosen recipes are usually geared to fit the season or an upcoming holiday.
Throughout the month of October, members created pumpkin pie twists using crescent rolls, pumpkin pie mix, cream cheese, cinnamon and cinnamon sugar to taste. The students worked together as they read through the recipe directions and started preparing their pumpkin pie twists for baking.
The club is not only about what is on the menu though. The process of cooking teaches students how to be detail-oriented, patient, listen and work collaboratively as a team. The club is also is a great way for students to bond with their peers and make new friends along the way.
“The best part about being in this club is the food,” said seventh grader Jorielle Phillips. “We always have fun, eat food and we get to hang out and talk with our friends.”