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Welcome to Lynbrook High School
Welcome to Lynbrook High School, where student success is our daily focus and striving for excellence our overarching goal. Our blend of strong academics, a passion for the fine and performing arts, and participation in athletics, service activities and independent projects constitute the very heart of all we do.  Spend some time visiting our website; then find some time to visit us and see for yourself what makes our home away from home, Lynbrook High School, so special.    GO OWLS!!

- Joseph Rainis, Principal


9 Union Avenue
Lynbrook, NY, 11563
Main Office Telephone: 516-887-0200

  Mr. J. Rainis - 516-887-0200
Assistant Principal: Mr. S. Brescia - 516-887-0200
Assistant Principal: Mr. M. Sarosy - 516-887-0200
Nurse: Ms. R. Careccia - 516-887-0228
Nurse: Ms. C. Hetrick - 516-612-5416
Nurse Fax: 516-612-5423
Student Attendance: Mrs. C. Garvey - 516-887-0209

School Year Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday
Summer Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday
All visitors must have an appointment to meet with staff in any school building. Please DO call ahead. Thank you!

Important Contact Information:
NYS Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-342-3720
NYS línea de abuso infantile: 1-800-342-3720
Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 516-612-5200



Current News

LHS Concert Choir: Superintendent’s Conference Day Video

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Click here to watch!

LHS National Art Honor Society Hosts Night of the Pumpkins

LHS National Art Honor Society Hosts Night of the Pumpkins photo

Members of Lynbrook High School’s National Art Honor Society did not let the stormy weather deter them from giving back as they hosted their annual Night of Pumpkins event on Oct. 27. Watch the video to learn more about this year’s charity event and the incredible talents of the National Art Honor Society members!

LHS Key Club Earns Heroglobin Award

LHS Key Club Earns Heroglobin Award Photo 1
LHS Key Club Earns Heroglobin Award Photo 2
LHS Key Club Earns Heroglobin Award Photo 3
Carolyn Cestaro from Long Island Blood Services recently presented the Lynbrook High School Key Club with the 2017-2018 Heroglobin Award for donating 234 pints this past school year. With the help of advisor Dr. Benedict Tieniber, this is the first time that Lynbrook has received this award. The club is looking to break their record this year.  

“Our goal is 300 pints this year,” said Key Club Treasurer Jesse Candel.
The Key Club will be hosting three blood drives this year:

November 21, 2018
February 1, 2019
April 12, 2019

They encourage people to donate at the upcoming blood drive on Wednesday, Nov. 21 between 7:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at Lynbrook High School. Congratulations, Key Club!  

Embracing Entrepreneurship at Lynbrook High School

Embracing Entrepreneurship at Lynbrook High School Photo
Mr. Jonathan Spector and Dr. Benedict Tieniber set up a networking opportunity with Babson College on Oct. 23. Babson College is the number one entrepreneurship college in the country. Assistant Director Ryan Stanley spoke with Dr. Tieniber’s virtual enterprise class about the importance of networking, entrepreneurship, start-ups and internships starting sophomore year at Babson. 

Outstanding LHS Orchestra Students Selected for Festival

Outstanding LHS Orchestra Students Selected for Festival Photo
Six Lynbrook High School orchestra students were recently selected to perform at the Long Island String Festival Association’s Nassau Secondary Festival at Wisdom Lane Middle School from Nov. 16-18. 

Participants include sophomores Camilla Bahri (cello) and Emily Bergin (bass) who will showcase their talents in the LISFA ninth/tenth grade orchestra. Juniors Sara Bahri (violin), Arpie Bakhshian (violin) and Kaylin Tephly (violin), along with senior Leo Glassman (bass), will perform in the LISFA eleventh/twelfth grade orchestra. 
Students were nominated by their music teacher Alyssa White and were recognized by the association as representing the highest quality string musicians at their grade levels. They will join other exceptional orchestra students from throughout Nassau County during the annual festival. The district congratulates all six student-musicians on this great achievement!

VE Students Take On Elevator Pitch Competition

VE Students Take On Elevator Pitch Competition Photo 1
Lynbrook High School students enrolled in Dr. Benedict Tieniber’s virtual enterprise course participated in the elevator pitch competition at the Long Island Virtual Enterprise Business and Entrepreneurship Leadership Conference on Oct. 19 at LIU Post. The students pitched their company “Fit Pet” and heard from key speaker Marie Moody, the founder and president of Stella & Chewy. 
More than 1,500 students from across Long Island attended the event which focused on career-readiness and entrepreneurial enterprise. The conference was open to all VE high school students on Long island and gave them the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. In addition, the students were able to practice networking and attend engaging breakout sessions.

Although Lynbrook High School did not make it to the final round of the competition, the group did well. Eric Levine, CEO, led the elevator pitch and did a phenomenal job. After the elevator pitches, all the students attended breakout sessions. Breakout sessions included leadership and personal banking, financing your business, marketing your business, and social impact of your business. 

Research Students Further Studies During Summer Months

Research Students Further Studies During Summer Months Photo 1
Research Students Further Studies During Summer Months Photo 2
Research Students Further Studies During Summer Months Photo 3
Research Students Further Studies During Summer Months Photo 4
Research Students Further Studies During Summer Months Photo 5
Research Students Further Studies During Summer Months Photo 6
Science research students at Lynbrook High School embraced the summer break with new educational opportunities to further their knowledge and research abilities through a variety of different programs and outlets. Eight juniors and 16 seniors from Lynbrook High School pursued research projects spanning different science topics. 

Below is a list of these outstanding students and their projects from the summer months. Many continued their work in the lab of Lynbrook High School this year. Students worked with science research teachers Peter Dennis, David Shanker and Charles Vessalico, and professors in the field who provided them with support in their studies. 


Emily Awad – Worked at New York University Winthrop in the Research and Academic Center. She studied to see the effect of trophoblasts on the offspring of pregnant women.

Arpie Bakhshian – Worked at Weill Cornell and used genetic engineering to study irritable bowel syndrome. 

Natalie Cardoso – Worked at Fordham University in the Youth Development in Diverse Contexts Lab under Dr. Tiffany Yip. Natalie cleaned data through Biopac software to advance studies in ethnic racial identities.

Elena Grajales – Worked at the New York University Langone Medical Center at the Skirball Institute of Molecular Neurobiology studying the sestrin -1 gene and its role in the brain.

Julie Lampert – Studied Cellulose Nanocrystals at the University of Colorado.

Mikayla O’Hagan and Andie Glanzer – Worked at Hofstra University studying the effect of tree canopy loss on Long Island.

Maria Russotti – Worked at Columbia University in the Banta Lab conducting various experiments associated with substrate channeling.


Kai Beattie – Worked at Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Institute to evaluate the relationship between prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and the metalloprotease meprin in genetically engineered mice and mouse prostate cancer cell lines. Kai concludes its relevance to tumor progression and growth.

Alyssa Burton – Worked in-house on a project set out to answer the question, “how can we stop school shootings?” Using publicly available student-to-counselor ratio’s and student violence data, along with socioeconomic status, Alyssa aimed to draw correlations related to school violence.

Juliana Condoleo – Worked at SUNY Farmingdale and investigated the novel role of ACK1, a protein kinase, in the learning and memory of drosophila melanogaster through an olfactory appetitive association.

Jason Holquist – Worked in-house to test the effect of alcohol exposure to adult Drosophila melanogaster on the expression of DILP peptides in future generations as a model for fetal alcohol syndrome.

Brandon Pekale – Worked in-house to construct a survey on the effect of HIV/AIDS on the Quality of Oral Health in Adults Residing on Long Island with a professor from Hofstra.

Kyle Schneider – Worked in-house to determine whether the cryopreservation of fruit fly larvae for long term storage could be enhanced using warm breaks and increasing time between cold and warm periods.

Pooja Shah – Worked at Yale to analyze the loss of TSP2 through varying extracellular matrix production deposits on prevention of diabetic nephropathy.

Jason Shao – Worked in-house to test the effect of e-cigarette vapor on the bacteria of the lungs to assess lung infection risk.

Jason Sitt – Worked at Columbia University on his project on modulation of microRNA-219 on synapse quantification in neuromuscular junctions within aging drosophila melanogaster.

Kirstin Slattery – Worked in-house to determine if the equestrian sport is moral by using salivary cortisol levels to assess stress in horses during riding lessons.

Matthew Venezia – Worked at the City College of New York to study how the color of tropical beetles relates to the elevation at which they live and how this data relates to how well these beetles can thermoregulate (control their temperature).

Richard Wiater – Worked in-house on his project which looks at the effect of the molecule PDMP hydrochloride on the longevity of Niemann-Pick Disease Type-C model Drosophila.

Christina Woodard – Worked in-house on a project that looks at the effect of Asian clams on algae blooms.

Kaylie Hausknecht – Worked at Harvard where she used artificial intelligence to extract local correlations in the cuprates. This is a new application of machine learning in condensed matter physics, which may help explain the properties of high temperature superconductors.

Danny Neri – Worked in-house on his project which assesses the state of a recent crab invasion by quantifying aggressive interactions between the invader, the Asian shore crab (Hemigrapsus sanguinues) and two species of native fiddler crab (Uca pugilator and Uca pugnax) in a Long Island salt marsh.

Odin Francis – Worked in-house on the production of a prototype assisted-back support system to help those with spinal cord injuries, workers and soldiers involved with heavy lifting.

Students Build Business Skills

Students Build Business Skills Photo 1
Students Build Business Skills Photo 2
Students Build Business Skills Photo 3
Students Build Business Skills Photo 4
Students Build Business Skills Photo 5
Students Build Business Skills Photo 6
Lynbrook High School students in Dr. Benedict Tieniber’s virtual enterprise class recently put their interpersonal and professional skills to the test as they were interviewed by Principal Joseph Rainis and assistant principals Matthew Sarosy and Salvatore Brescia about their new product, “Fit Pet.” The interviews allowed the executive board to be determined for their product which monitors a pets health, location through GPS and keeps them safe.

With the help of Dr. Tieniber, the students prepared for the interview process by refining their soft skills, interview skills, cover letter and resumes. They also had to create cover letters for the positions they wanted to run for with their resumes. Before the big day, Lynbrook High School guidance counselor Susan Moller and teachers Eric Finder and Stephen LoCicero, volunteered their free time to assist the students with mock interviews and provided tips.  

The virtual enterprise course is an elective that is offered to Lynbrook High School students in grades 10-12. Corresponding with the district’s 2018-19 theme “Imagine, Innovate, Inspire,” the international program enables students to experience a simulated business environment by collaborating and solving problems in business situations. Those who successfully complete the course are eligible to receive up to nine undergraduate credits from Farmingdale State College through their University in the High School program. 

Congratulations to the following virtual enterprise students on their new “Fit Pet” positions: Eric Levine, chief executive officer; Ben Tatelman, chief financial officer; Lance Ezratty and Matthew Calabro, co-chief operating officer; Ben Cohen and Miranda Zaransky, vice president of human relations; Allison Shifflett and Connor Reichert, co-vice president of sales and marketing; William Miata and Joshua Polanky, vice president of informational technology/graphics; Kerin Bartels and Jonathan Mottola, vice president editorial. 

The students will participate in their first elevator pitch competition on Oct. 19 at LIU with “Fit Pet.” 

LHS Musicians Heading to All-State

LHS Musicians Heading to All-State Photo
Seven Lynbrook High School student-musicians have earned All-State music honors from the New York State School Music Association. Seniors Juliana Condoleo, Leo Glassman and Danny Neri were selected to perform at the annual NYSSMA All-State Conference in Rochester from Nov. 29-Dec. 2. Juniors Arpie Bakhshian, Sara Bahri, Kaylin Tephly and Kara Vito were selected as alternates. 

Juliana will play flute in the Symphonic Band, while Leo, who also participated in the NYSSMA All-State Conference last year, will play double bass in the Symphony Orchestra. Danny was selected for both the trombone in the Symphonic Band and Instrumental Jazz. Arpie, Sara and Kaylin were chosen as alternates in violin and Kara was chosen as an alternate singer in soprano II.  

To be selected for this prestigious conference, thousands of students throughout New York State auditioned last year at NYSSMA Solo Evaluation Festivals. Students must perform the most difficult music at a Level 6 and receive the highest of scores to be considered and ultimately accepted into All-State. In Rochester, the students will participate in three days of rehearsals with prominent conductors which will conclude with all groups performing at the renowned Eastman Theater. 

The district congratulates these students as they join the proud and growing ranks of Lynbrook High School’s All-State musicians chosen throughout the years.

District Honors Semifinalists; Presents Important Updates

District Honors Semifinalists; Presents Important Updates Photo 1
District Honors Semifinalists; Presents Important Updates Photo 2
District Honors Semifinalists; Presents Important Updates Photo 3
Lynbrook residents, administrators, students and faculty members packed the Lynbrook High School cafeteria during the Lynbrook Public Schools board of education meeting on Sept. 12. 

At the start of the meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak congratulated three Lynbrook High School seniors who were recently selected as semifinalists in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program. Sam Cohen, Juliana Condoleo and Kaylie Hausknecht were honored by the board with T-shirts. Following the student recognitions, Board President William Belmont announced the new teachers who joined the district this year, along with where they are teaching. The teachers proudly stood as their names were called. 

The board also recognized Mary Jackson on her recent retirement. Jackson was a teacher aide at Lynbrook High School for the past 10 years. They thanked her for her service and wished her a happy and healthy retirement. During the report from the board trustees, Board Vice President Lesli Deninno reported the board’s goals for the 2018-2019 school year and trustee Alicemarie Bresnihan provided an update on building inspections where she stated that the “buildings look wonderful.” 

Director of Special Services Arlene Mishanie presented research on what her social emotional learning committee has worked on in the past year. The committee was established to help meet the board’s goal of “developing practices of social-emotional learning to support students experiencing social and emotional stress preventing them from meeting their fullest potential.” Mishanie reported on the current SEL programs at the different grade levels and that the committee has decided to focus on grit, social awareness and emotional regulation to get a better understanding of student needs. An SEL survey will be distributed in mid-October for students to anonymously answer questions which will give the committee more insight and help realign district activities and initiatives. Ultimately, the committee seeks to produce a SEL guide for the district. 

During the Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Burak reported on a successful Superintendent’s Conference Day and thanked Senator Todd Kaminsky and the Lynbrook Kiwanis for generously donating backpacks and school supplies to the district for students in need. Dr. Burak also reminded the community that homecoming and the PTA scholarship drive will be on Sept. 22 and that the early evacuation dismissal reunification drill will take place on Oct. 5. This will be a test of the district’s internal protocol. Families are asked to update and return their emergency contact forms for reunification purposes as soon as possible. 

To conclude her Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Burak discussed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Department of Justice reached out to Nassau and Suffolk County schools, requiring voting information in the predominant languages for each jurisdiction. Last year, the Federal Government deemed Nassau and Suffolk with predominant languages of English and Spanish. Therefore, moving forward, the district will be providing all voting information in English and Spanish. 

Dr. Gerard Beleckas, assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and assessment, provided his curriculum report which was an update of the Every Student Succeeds Act. In addition to measuring English, math and science, the new high achieving measures that the district will be looking at are other categories such as student progressing in learning English and chronic absenteeism. The latter means that students must have an attendance rate of 90 percent or better. Dr. Beleckas also reported that at the high school level, social studies will now be added to the English, math and science, the graduation rate will be considered and there will be an index looking at college, career and civic readiness. A big point that Dr. Beleckas raised is that ESSA is also looking for improvements in the opt-out rate of state assessments and the New York State Education Department will start to enforce the 95 percent rule in participation of the assessments. To improve the testing experience, NYSED has also reduced the testing from three days to two days. 

Lynbrook High School Principal Joseph Rainis and guidance chairperson Laurie Mitchell presented on the weighting of Regents exams. They discussed the research that was conducted during the summer on this topic. While highlighting Lynbrook High School’s crowning achievements throughout recent years, Rainis spoke about the previous formula for calculating student GPA with Regents exams making up 20 percent of each final course grade. The district switched to a Do No Harm practice last year, meaning that if a student does not do well on a Regents exam, it would not count in the final average of a student’s grade. Through research, speaking with different college admission offices, and a great detail of discussion, it was decided to implement a new lower percent of 10 to weight the Regents exams and final exams in a student’s course grade. This practice considers the value of the exam while still taking into account anomalies in Regents scales utilized for scoring. To further the point, Rainis provided examples of how the formula would work, stating that a Regents exam’s impact is minimal for a student’s GPA at 10 percent.

To conclude the meeting, Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Operations, and Information Systems Dr. Paul Lynch provided a capital projects update. The brick pointing at West End Elementary School has been completed, the Waverly Park boiler is in place and set up, and the electrical update will be taking place soon. He also acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the contractors, buildings and grounds crew and the custodians who worked tirelessly during the summer months. Ceiling and lighting projects at Lynbrook High School were completed, along with room 306. The computer room and room 20 at Marion Street Elementary School were also all redone. Smaller projects included fencing and netting at the Kindergarten Center and an extension of the netting at Marion Street. 

Lynbrook’s AP Scholars Hit a Record High

Lynbrook’s AP Scholars Hit a Record High Photo
A record total of 108 students from Lynbrook High School’s class of 2018 and 2019 recently earned the designation of Advanced Placement Scholar, showcasing their college readiness. This includes 43 members of the Class of 2019. The College Board awards this distinction to students with exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement exams. 

The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on a student’s performance on AP exams. A total of 33 students were named AP Scholars with Distinction, 22 were named AP Scholars with Honor, 53 were recognized as AP Scholars and five were designated with the highest honor as National AP Scholars. National AP Scholars include current senior Kaylie Hausknecht and members of the Class of 2018, Leah Hetrick, John Hunter, Zachary Leder and Dustin Mandell. 

To earn the status of an AP Scholar with Distinction, a student must receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. Those recognized as AP Scholars with Honor must earn an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. The AP Scholar Award is earned by students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams and the National AP Scholar recognition is given to students who receive an average score of at least a 4 on all AP exams taken and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams.

The district congratulates these students for this outstanding achievement and for all their hard work and dedication!