Learning Management Systems

Thank you for visiting Lynbrook's Learning Management Systems Website. The district spent a great deal of time investigating and selecting learning management systems (LMS) to support our students during this turbulent and evolving time in our history. A committee representing teachers, parents and administrators determined key goals and evaluated multiple products. That committee determined the implementation of two different management systems would best meet then needs of our learners.

Implementing the platform will allow for a more consistent and effective school-wide method of communicating, posting assignments, and managing workflow between teachers, students, and parents.

It will also allow our students to more effectively utilize digital resources, enhance our faculty’s instructional strategies, and expand learning opportunities for all.

Lynbrook Schools is using a single-sign on solution, ClassLink to make it easier for all of our students K-12 to access the digital resources the district provides.


Our Systems


SeeSaw is a learning management system specifically designed to meet the instructional needs of our primary grade students. The district will implement this technology in kindergarten through third grade. 

Click here for more information about SeeSaw.


Schoology is learning management system Lynbrook selected for grades 4-12. The system provides a full suite of tools that will enable teachers, students and parents to effectively work together to ensure a positive learning experience.

Click here for more information about Schoology.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Learning

As many Lynbrook students participate in the new educational reality of remote learning, we want to provide a resource of solutions for the most frequently asked questions.


Schoology FAQ

SeeSaw FAQ

ClassLink FAQ