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Lynbrook Summer Playground Important Updates Available

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Lynbrook Summer Playground campers who will attend at the Marion Street site should report to South Middle School next week on Monday 7/8, Tuesday 7/9, Wednesday 7/10 and Thursday 7/11 due to construction. The program will resume at Marion Street on Friday 7/12. For further updates, please visit the Lynbrook Summer Playground page.

Date Added: 7/3/2024

Updated Summer Office Hours

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During the summer, the district will be open on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. District offices will be closed on July 4 and 5. The Extended School Year Program at Waverly Park will be in session on July 5.

Date Added: 7/3/2024

Lynbrook High School graduates soar to new heights

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A bright sun illuminated green and gold seniors on June 26 as the Lynbrook High School Class of 2024 soared to new heights and became alumni of Lynbrook Schools.

It was a triumphant celebration for graduates and their loved ones, who gathered at the Marion Street School field. Emotions swelled as the Class of 2024 processed to “Pomp and Circumstance.” The LHS band performed the national anthem before Salutatorian Nora Kane addressed her peers with her speech, “What Lies Ahead.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that all of y

ou here today feel some apprehension about beginning the next phase of your life,” Nora said. “We’ve grown comfortable in our small community, and going out into the world can seem daunting… Despite this, I believe there is excitement to be found which can overpower the anxiety.”

In his valedictory address, “From the Cage to the Classroom: Goalie Lessons,” Caiden Lung congratulated his peers and reflected on what he has learned in his athletic role.

"As a lacrosse goalie, I see a lot of shots made. I want to make every save, but I can’t save every shot that comes my way,” Caiden said. “The true test of a goalie, and a play, is the ability to bounce back; to stand tall, leave that one goal in the past and face what’s ahead of you.”

Lynbrook High School Principal Matthew Sarosy commended the Class of 2024 and shared the numerous accolades they have achieved. “The road that brought us all together tonight went through LHS, but shortly that road will splinter in countless directions,” he said. “In about one hour, I will ask you to move your tassels from the right side of your caps to the left, and with that symbolic gesture you will transition from LHS students to LHS alumni.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Lynch equated the current moment to the rising tension at the start of a roller coaster ride. “In about an hour, your life is going to inexorably change – forever. The click click click is going to end in an eerie silence,” Dr. Lynch said. “Just like that roller coaster, there’s got to be something to hold on to… I want you to look at it out there, the folks up there in the bleachers.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to walk a long, gold and green line that circles back to 1892,” Dr. Lynch continued. “You are now our most proud and recent products of that line, and we could not be more Owl proud of you.”

Each graduate’s name was announced as they stepped forward to receive their diploma from trustees and administrators. Upon the turning of their tassels and the triumphant tossing of their caps into the air, the Class of 2024 officially became alumni of Lynbrook High School.

Photo caption:
1) Seniors in the Lynbrook High School Class of 2024 were prepared for a new chapter at their graduation ceremony on June 26.
2) Salutatorian Nora Kane addressed her peers with her speech, “What Lies Ahead.”
3) Valedictorian Caiden Lung concluded his speech with a group selfie.
4) Graduates proudly stepped forward to receive their diplomas.
5) The Marion Street field scoreboard read “2024” to mark the momentous occasion.
6) As alumni of Lynbrook Schools, graduates triumphantly threw their caps into the air.

Photos courtesy Lynbrook School District

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Date Added: 6/28/2024

Lynbrook fifth graders make the move up to middle school

Fifth graders throughout the Lynbrook School District will soon enter middle school. thumbnail260192
Fifth graders throughout the Lynbrook School District will soon enter middle school. thumbnail260193
Fifth graders throughout the Lynbrook School District will soon enter middle school. thumbnail260194
Fifth graders throughout the Lynbrook School District will soon enter middle school. thumbnail260195
Fifth graders throughout the Lynbrook School District will soon enter middle school. thumbnail260196
Fifth graders throughout the Lynbrook School District will soon enter middle school. thumbnail260197

Fifth graders throughout the Lynbrook School District will soon enter middle school after capping off their elementary years with moving up ceremonies on June 25.

The day was kicked-off on the Marion Street field, where fifth grade classes, joined by their peers in first through fourth grades, streamed to their seats as cheers rung out from the bleachers. Fifth graders sang “Have it All” by Jason Mraz, and Principal Theresa Macchia welcomed guests and commended the soon-to-be middle schoolers. Student Council Vice President Mary Uwakwe and President Allison Wong congratulated their fellow graduates.

“We have overcome many challenges and obstacles together, and now we are prepared to tackle some more,” Allison said.

At Waverly Park, fifth graders passed by their loved ones as they made their way to the stage. Students sang “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, and the orchestra ensemble played “This is Me.” Principal Allison Campbell shared her pride in the graduating class, and fifth graders individually shared a defining trait or lesson learned in amusing fashion. Student Council President Sienna Emery thanked teachers and spoke to her peers.

“Today we celebrate not just an ending, but a new beginning,” Sienna said. “Let us remember the memories we have made together and look forward to the bright futures that await us.”

West End fifth graders gathered in the Lynbrook High School gymnasium for their ceremony. Students sang “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars and “We are the Champions” by Queen. Principal Leah Murray addressed the class and encouraged them to always be ideal West End Champions. Student Council President Drexel Farr shared remarks with his peers.

“This is our shot,” Drexel said. “This is our shot to reinvent ourselves. It’s our shot to make new friends. Our shot to try again, and our shot to try harder.”

Through two commemorative videos, West End graduates also reflected on the many memories made throughout the years.
At each ceremony, various awards were presented, including the the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence and for Academic Achievement, and Lynbrook Teachers’ Association Awards.

Date Added: 6/28/2024

Lynbrook North and South eighth graders mark milestone

062724lynbrookeightgradersmoveup1south-1.jpg thumbnail260132
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The eighth grade classes of Lynbrook North and South middle schools officially became high schoolers during their moving up ceremonies on June 24.

On the field at South Middle School, families gathered and cheered as eighth graders processed toward their seats. Student Raquelle Vainroob led the Pledge of Allegiance, and the eighth grade chorus sang, “The Star Spangled Banner.” Principal Kaitlin GaNun welcomed guests and reminded the graduating class of the potential they hold in shaping the future.

“No matter what decisions you make, and no matter what circumstances you face, you all have the power to make a positive difference in the world,” Mrs. GaNun said.

Salutatorian Brandon Ostroff and valedictorian Samantha Costanzo addressed their peers and reflected on the many memories made. “Today is not just to reflect on the past, but to prepare ourselves for the future,” Samantha said. “We are graduating, taking the next step and going to high school.”

North Middle families gathered at their respective field and proudly observed the soon-to-be high schoolers. “It has been an honor to witness your growth and achievements,” Principal Marianne Healy said to graduates. “Life is full of unexpected twists, and our journey together is a testament to the power of flexibility and embracing change.”

Class speaker Adam Kapadwala congratulated his peers and commended them on their triumph. “Today, we walk confidently knowing that we did it,” he said. “We achieved what we once feared and made it despite the challenges we faced.”

Several awards were given out at each ceremony before trustees presented them with their diplomas. The North and South middle schools’ Class of 2024 are now the Lynbrook High School Class of 2028.

Photo captions:
1) Lynbrook South Middle School eighth graders received diplomas during their moving up ceremony on June 24.
2) South Middle valedictorian Samantha Costanzo addressed her peers.
3) Eighth graders were excited to move up before the ceremony at South.
4) North Middle eighth graders gathered with friends to celebrate a momentous occasion.
5) Eighth graders received their diplomas from trustees.
6) Adam Kapadwala addressed his peers.

Photos courtesy Lynbrook Public Schools

Date Added: 6/27/2024