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Welcome to Lynbrook High School
Welcome to Lynbrook High School, where student success is our daily focus and striving for excellence our overarching goal. Our blend of strong academics, a passion for the fine and performing arts, and participation in athletics, service activities and independent projects constitute the very heart of all we do.  Spend some time visiting our website; then find some time to visit us and see for yourself what makes our home away from home, Lynbrook High School, so special.  GO OWLS!!

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Current News

Lynbrook Schools Recognize Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Students throughout the Lynbrook Public School District recognized the millions who were massacred during the Holocaust in recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27.

At North and South middle schools and Lynbrook High School, eighth and tenth graders gathered to view “The Barn,” a sobering documentary that features Rachel Kastner and her grandfather, Karl Shapiro, as they follow his story of survival in the face of unspeakable evil. In Ukraine, a Polish farmer hid Karl and seventeen other Jews for a year and a half in a secret basement underneath his barn. The emotional journey takes Rachel and Karl to the place Karl swore he would never return. Although the memories were difficult to recount, Rachel experienced the tight living conditions her grandfather lived through and understood the insurmountable odds he overcame to survive.

The students watched attentively and empathetically connected to the struggle Karl experienced not long ago. Rachel joined the livestream of the documentary and spoke to students to answer questions about the experience. Students submitted engaging questions about the things she learned about her family and the many Jews attacked during the Holocaust. Rachel’s story exemplified the importance of passing down such stories through generations.

At the elementary schools, students honored the victims and their families through artistic expression. Beautiful butterfly murals stand at Marion Street, Waverly Park and West End, which acknowledge the individuals lost and promote messages of hope. West End students met virtually in the morning as Principal Leah Murray read the book, “Martin and Anne,” by Nancy Churnin, which recounts the struggles of Marin Luther King Jr. and Anne Frank, who were born the same year. Fifth graders in social studies classes at each building engaged in lessons about the Holocaust, emphasizing the importance of recognizing this harrowing event.

Date Added: 1/27/2023

Next Lynbrook Superintendent appointed at January Board of Education meeting

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People standing together in a large room and smiling at the camera thumbnail239850
People standing together in a large room and smiling at the camera thumbnail239851

The Lynbrook Public Schools Board of Education held its regular meeting on Jan. 11, during which the district’s next superintendent, current Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Operations and Information Systems, Dr. Paul Lynch, was appointed.

Board President Mr. William Belmont thanked Superintendent Dr. Melissa Burak for her decades of service to the district. He announced the resolution that, once approved by the board, made Dr. Lynch the next leader of the district effective June 30. Board members also shared congratulatory remarks.

Dr. Burak recounted when Dr. Lynch was the ideal candidate to join the administration team as Assistant Superintendent for Finance. “I was fortunate that he said yes, and even more fortunate that 10 years later the board agrees, and we will be appointing him tonight for the superintendency,” she said.

Dr. Lynch emphasized his full commitment to the Lynbrook district and assured the community he will continue to usher the high level of success the district has experienced under Dr. Burak.

Student Sebastian Cuenca was recognized for achieving the high athletic honor of All-State Soccer. He was one of nine selected for the Nassau County boys’ soccer team, led the county on total points and tied for most goals in the county. He is the second Lynbrook High School boy and the third overall soccer player to earn this distinction.

The success of the girls' basketball team has helped Coach Steve LoCicero earn his 100th career victory. He was congratulated by the Superintendent and the board.

Board trustee Andrew Lewner, who serves as the district’s representative for BOCES, shared that BOCES is getting the ball rolling on the budgeting process. More information will be shared after their next meeting.

Trustee Tara Aragona invited residents to the PTA Founders’ Day on Monday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. in the High School auditorium. Dr. Burak will be awarded the first-ever Diamond Award during the ceremony.

Dr. Lynch shared an update on the Food Committee, which is now having a discussion whether to renovate the elementary school cafeterias to enable the integration of a food service. If the renovations are allotted for in the budget and completed, bids for a food service can be sent out. The committee will continue discussions as the feasibility of such renovations is investigated.

Dr. Burak announced the winning project of Project L.I.F.T.O.F.F., which will be sent to the International Space Station for testing on June 7. The winning project is, “How does microgravity and space conditions effect the growth of the wine cap mushroom?” by Jack Murray and Aidan Michaels. Entries for the Mission Patch contest, which will send a patch to the ISS alongside the winning project, are now being developed.

Horizon newspaper, produced at Lynbrook High School, was the winner of several accolades by the Empire State Press Association, including Best Overall Newspaper. Dr. Burak congratulated the entire staff on a job well done.

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Dr. Gerard Beleckas, shared how federal grants have supported various educational endeavors, including additional reading, speech, special education, psychologists, social workers and guidance staff, as well as the BOCES Central Nassau Guidance Program, the ESY Program, the ENL afterschool program, SEL breakfast support in the middle schools and the alternative high school program. The Assessment Weighting-Grading Commission had its second meeting to discuss the goals for assessing Lynbrook students. Goals will be finalized, and grading practices will be discussed at the next meeting.

The Waverly Park Elementary School tennis and basketball court project, which includes pickleball courts, and the renovation to the high school library will begin in the spring. The projects for the North Middle School and Marion Street Elementary School turf fields and playground renovation are being reviewed by the NYS Department of Education.

Mr. Belmont announced sympathy resolutions for Evelyn Solon, who served as a teacher at Waverly Park for 21 years, and Elizabeth O’Donnell, who served as a nurse and teacher at North Middle School for 16 years.

Date Added: 1/13/2023

Lynbrook High School senior Sean Krivitsky named Regeneron Scholar

Sean Krivitsky thumbnail239879
Lynbrook High School senior Sean Krivitsky has been named a Scholar in the 2023 Regeneron Science Talent Search, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition.

Sean is one of only 300 students from across the nation to earn the honor of becoming a Scholar. His experiment, “Investigating Flavonoids as a Potential Therapeutic Against the Degenerative Effects of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Drosophila melanogaster,” involved the use of fruit flies to test the effect of flavonoids – found in various plant-based foods – on slowing the degeneration caused by ALS. Sean’s research began during his sophomore year, when he started to discover the best techniques for testing his hypothesis. In his submission for the Science Talent Search, Sean completed a research paper on his project, and his exemplary test scores and grades were taken into consideration.

Sean’s findings can eventually lead to real-world applications, as more flavonoids are tested to potentially lead to a treatment for ALS. While Sean is not yet committed to attend a particular college, he hopes to study biochemistry.
“I am very happy to be recognized for my project,” Sean said. “A future in science is a career I would like to pursue.”

Date Added: 1/13/2023

Lynbrook Career Development Program visits local animal shelter

People standing in front of an Animal Shelter and Adoption Center sign while holding supplies thumbnail239737
On Jan. 9, students in the Career Development Program at Lynbrook High School and North Middle School in the Lynbrook Public School District visited a local animal shelter to donate goods for the animals in need.

The group visited the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, where they delivered goods donated by their school communities. Prior to the visit, CDP student Katie McHale, along with her teacher Annie McKenna, gave a presentation in Dr. Ben Tieniber’s Virtual Enterprise class about the trip and the shelter’s list of needed items.

The visit to the animal shelter helped the students learn about the importance of working as a community to help those in need and how they can take action to make a change.

Date Added: 1/13/2022

Lynbrook High School’s Horizon wins Best Overall Newspaper

People standing and sitting together on a stairwell thumbnail239736
Horizon, the student-run newspaper produced at Lynbrook High School in the Lynbrook Public School District, continued its award-winning streak with several accolades, including Best Overall Newspaper.

The high-quality work on display in Horizon was submitted to the Empire State Scholastic Press Association, a part of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication. Each year, they compete against schools from across the state for numerous honors.

In addition to being awarded Best Overall Newspaper, the Horizon staff also earned the following:

• Best Artwork (Portfolio) – Amintta Ragavanis
• Best Illustration/Graphic (Portfolio) – Amelia Pollicino
• Best Written Work in a Newspaper – Cassandra Levinson for "Crisis Escalates in Ukraine"
• Best Editorial – Katie Chiulli for "The Met Gala Has to Stop"
• Best Feature Story – Julia Swerdin for "Ms. Moller Just Keeps Running"
• Best Sports Story – Alexis Raynor for "Girls' Varsity Flag Football Makes History at LHS"

Date Added: 1/12/2023

Lynbrook Career Development Program students begin monthly grocery shopping trips

A student shopping in a store thumbnail239627
A person ringing up food at a register thumbnail239628
Students in the Career Development Program from Lynbrook North Middle School and Lynbrook High School began monthly trips to a local grocery store in December. The purpose of these trips is to expose students to the responsibilities of independent living. Students will have the opportunity to interact with their peers and store employees, reinforce money skills, and pay at the register. Students will also participate in scavenger hunts so they become familiar with the organization of a grocery store layout.

Date Added: 1/10/2023

LHS Senior Sean Krivitsky Named Regeneron Scholar

Sean Krivitsky thumbnail239695
Congratulations to Lynbrook High School senior Sean Krivitsky for being named a Scholar in the 2023 Regeneron Science Talent Search! Sean is one of only 300 students from across the nation to earn the honor from the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition. Check back later this week for more information on his project.

Date Added: 1/10/23

Lynbrook High School National Honor Society sends over 200 toys to local hospital

People loading up a car of toys thumbnail239610
Supplies that were raised in the toy drive thumbnail239611
More than 200 toys and crafts were collected for children in need during a toy drive by National Honor Society at Lynbrook High School throughout the month of December.

In the spirit of giving during the holiday season, NHS members put their new donated toys and crafts in front of their houses during the weekend of Dec. 17 and 18. The donations were picked up by four NHS officers, who traveled to both sides of Lynbrook to pick up the items.

NHS members then delivered the donations to the pediatric department at NYU Langone Hospital Long Island. The hospital welcomed the donations, which are handed out to children and teenage patients during their stay at the hospital.

Date Added: 1/9/2023

Lynbrook High School CDP students look ahead to animal shelter visit

Katie McHale and Annie McKenna giving a presentation in front of a classroom thumbnail239625
Katie McHale and Annie McKenna giving a presentation in front of a classroom thumbnail239626
Katie McHale, a student in Lynbrook High School’s Career Development Program, along with her teacher, Annie McKenna, gave a presentation in Dr. Ben Tieniber’s Virtual Enterprise class about an exciting upcoming field trip.

Katie, along with the middle and high school Career Development Program cohorts, will be taking a field trip to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter. Katie’s presentation focused on the animal shelter’s wish list. She shared a list of items students could donate for the upcoming field trip, which will be delivered to the shelter by the CDP students on Monday, Jan. 9.

Date Added: 1/9/2023

Lynbrook Kindergarten Center Students Learn Spanish with High School Peers

High Schoolers with Kindergarten students thumbnail238877
High Schoolers with Kindergarten students thumbnail238878
High Schoolers with Kindergarten students thumbnail238879
High Schoolers with Kindergarten students thumbnail238880
High Schoolers with Kindergarten students thumbnail238881
Students from the Kindergarten Center in the Lynbrook Public School District had the exciting opportunity to visit Lynbrook High School on Dec. 15 to learn Spanish words and phrases from their older peers.

Kindergarteners trekked to the neighboring high school building to visit William Luzzi’s Spanish class. Mr. Luzzi’s students were ready to review introductory Spanish words with the kindergarteners through fun activities. While separated into groups, kindergarteners were assigned one animal to race along the wall as they rolled dice to see how far they could move. Each animal was named in Spanish, and as each roll of the dice was made, spaces were counted in Spanish as well.

Kindergarteners also listened to “El Hombre de Pan de Jengibre” by Catherine McCafferty and Doug Bowles as high schoolers read it out loud. All students were ecstatic for the chance to learn and educate alongside one another.

Date Added: 12/21/2022

Lynbrook High School Key Club Donates Gift to Nursing Staff

People standing together and holding the trauma kit thumbnail238693
Trauma kit thumbnail238695
People standing together in a room thumbnail238696
The Lynbrook High School Key Club recently presented a trauma kit to school nurses thanks to their $1,000 donation to the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center Foundation.

In October, the Key Club hosted their “Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser,” during which they collected donations to be made towards multiple organizations. Of the funds collected, $1,000 went towards the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center. For their donation, the organization promised to donate a trauma kit in return.

On Dec. 16, the trauma kit, which includes a first aid kit and other medical emergency supplies, finally arrived. The Key Club gathered to gift the kit to the school’s beloved nurses, Mrs. O’Brien and Ms. Hetrick. “We are so ecstatic to finally have this kit,” the nurses said. “We cannot thank the KPTC and our Key Club enough.”

“This club continues to amaze me,” Key Club supervisor Dr. Benedict Tieniber said. “There’s nothing they can’t do.”

The LHS Key Club would like to thank the Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center Foundation for collaborating to make this special gift possible.

Date Added: 12/19/2022

Project L.I.F.T.O.F.F. Finalists Honored at Lynbrook Board Meeting

People standing together in a hallway and smiling thumbnail238294
The Lynbrook Public School’s regular Board of Education meeting kicked-off on Dec. 7 with the Bern Seiderman Art Gallery’s presentation of the Winter Gala Festival of the Arts show at Lynbrook High School, which features works from students in grades 9-12 in Michael Kunz, Vincent Lentini and Thomas Sena and Jennifer Turner’s art classes.

Next, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Melissa Burak, highlighted the three team finalists in the District’s Project L.I.F.T.O.F.F. These students researched and designed microgravity-themed experiments, one of which will be sent for testing on the International Space Station. Dr. Burak named each finalist and their respective projects. She also announced that all students can start submitting designs for the Mission Patch Art and Design Competition. The winning Mission Patch will join the winning experiment on its journey to space.

Trustee Sean Murray shared an update from the Facilities Committee, which met to discuss upcoming Capital Improvement projects. They will bring their recommendations to the board, prioritizing projects that deal with student health and safety and the student learning experience. Mr. Murray also shared an update on the Policy Committee, which discussed the implementation of public sales on school properties, including games of chance. The Policy Committee also discussed updates to the homebound instruction policy and the harassment and bullying policy, namely cyberbullying, as well as a clarification of procedures if a board member resigns from office.

Trustee Tara Aragona shared information on the concert clothing drives, which will be open at the Friends of Music table at each upcoming school concert.

Trustee Ellen Marcus provided an update on the DEI Committee, which met to discuss the prevention of acts of hate on school property, the importance of fostering an environment of understanding and inclusion and expanding opportunities for high school students to share their experiences with elementary students.

During the superintendent’s report, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Dr. Gerard Beleckas, discussed four new courses coming to Lynbrook High School. They include Introduction to Woodworking, Business Law, Drone Programming and Piloting, and AP Pre-Calculus. The Assessment/Weighting/Grading Commission had 29 community members in attendance for its first meeting on Nov. 22. The group had lively discussions on the goal and purpose of assessing students, particularly regarding homework and the difference between formative and summative assessments. The large group will be split into three to discuss assessment, weighting and grading practices within related disciplines.

Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Operations and Information Systems, Dr. Paul Lynch, announced that the board awarded contracts for the Waverly Park tennis courts, basketball courts and pickleball courts, and the High School library renovation. Bids for the North Middle School and Marion Street turf fields will be sent out soon.

Board President William Belmont read the sympathy resolution for Roseann Minikel, who served as an English teacher at Lynbrook High School for 30 years.

Date Added: 12/12/2022

Alumni speak to students at Lynbrook High School Alumni Panel

LHS Alumni Panel thumbnail237738

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, the Lynbrook High School Guidance Department was delighted to welcome back graduates for our annual Alumni Panel hosted for the junior class in the auditorium.

Our alumni guests included University of Michigan student Jake Belmont; CUNY Queens College student Jennireth Tamayo; SUNY Maritime College student Nick Paladino; SUNY New Paltz student Jolie Orbeta; Salve Regina University student Emma Leighley; and Georgetown University student Julia Swerdin.

Moderated by Director of Guidance Laurie Mitchell, the 2022 Alumni Panel was the first panel hosted since the pandemic began. Our panel guests, of various graduation years, shared their experiences and words of advice for our students. They answered questions about adjusting to college, navigating the pandemic while applying to college, managing time, getting involved, having a job, becoming more independent, applying for internships, setting priorities, and, of course, having fun. Some of the alumni had changed majors since they started the application process and explained that it was easy to do, and it is not unusual at all for students to make a change.

A student from the audience asked, “how do you balance sleep, academics, and a social life?” The message from the panel was that it is a big adjustment at first, but eventually you figure it out. Ms. Mitchell asked the panelists, “do you think the Lynbrook teachers prepared you well academically?” Unanimously, they responded with a resounding yes. Our graduates made it clear that our Lynbrook teachers were helpful, showed that they cared every day, were available for questions, were aware of their progress or if they are struggling and really got to know them well. They let students know that they were grateful for the teachers they had along the way and felt they were well prepared for the demands in college.

Thank you to our graduates for making our 2022 LHS Alumni Panel such a success!

Date Added: 12/1/2022