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NYS Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-342-3720
NYS línea de abuso infantile: 1-800-342-3720
Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 516-612-5200


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Joseph Wiener


Current News

Hoopin’ Around at Lynbrook South Middle School

Hula Hoop Club Photo 1 thumbnail138756
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English teacher Jamy O’Rourke channeled her passion for hula-hooping into a new after school club at Lynbrook South Middle School this year. She established a Hula Hoop club at the beginning of the school year which is open to all Lynbrook South Middle School students and staff who want to have fun, learn something new and stay active. 

The club meets once a week and currently has approximately 25 members signed up. At the start of each meeting, members watch tutorial videos together about different hula hooping techniques. They are invited to bring their own hula hoops or can buy one for $5 from O’Rourke during the meetings. The club then gathers outside, if the weather permits, to practice their new skills. Although the club is still relatively new, it has become a success. Each week the members try something new such as the “lasso” and the “escalator” with their hula hoops.
“I think others should join this club because it’s really fun to hula hoop,” said sixth grader Alex Erazo. “We get to learn new things and make new friends.”

Mrs. O’Rourke encourages her hoopers to find new video tutorials to share with the rest of the club. She also continues learning herself as she started taking an adult education class in Long Beach all about hula hooping. Staff members are encouraged to not only join the club after school with the students but are also encouraged to hula hoop during their lunch breaks with Mrs. O’Rourke. The hope is to spread the fun activity with as many students and staff as possible. 

Students Build a Caring Community During Start With Hello Week

Start With Hello Photo 1 thumbnail136366
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Students from West End Elementary School and Lynbrook North and South middle schools recently celebrated the importance of inclusion with the Start With Hello program, sponsored by Sandy Hook Promise. The week-long program consisted of empowering activities and lessons to teach students to be more socially inclusive and connected. The week also was a prime example of how students are embracing the Lynbrook Public Schools’ 2019-2020 theme of the year, A Community of Caring.

During West End’s morning announcements, students gave tips on how to approach new students in the cafeteria or on the playground in a friendly way. Students were encouraged to say hello to someone new and fifth graders made sure no one sat alone unless they chose to. West End teachers were instrumental during the week as they played getting to know you games with their classes, read books highlighting different cultures and school dilemmas. The awareness about different cultures was integrated into West End’s Hispanic Heritage Celebration.

At Lynbrook North Middle School, a challenge was set for students each day during the week. Challenges included greeting a new student and making them feel included, writing a positive affirmation to a peer on a wall of positivity, doing a random act of kindness and sitting with someone who is alone. To end the week, North students enjoyed a photo booth outside of the cafeteria where they took photos with their new friends.

Similar activities were facilitated at Lynbrook South Middle School. Students kicked off the week with a three-minute Loving Kindness Meditation and wore name stickers as they were encouraged to say hello to new people in the hallways. Throughout the week, the students participated in unity games and activities to promote teamwork and inclusivity. They also enjoyed a photo booth with new friends, smile grams were sent to new students and field games were facilitated during lunch periods. Students were paired with a student they did not know and had fun playing games with the hopes of winning a prize.

The week allowed Lynbrook students to embrace new friendships, build a stronger school community and strengthen their understanding of empathy. 

Students Show Their Spirit

Spirit Week Photo 1 thumbnail135498
Spirit Week Photo 2 thumbnail135499
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Students throughout the district proudly showed their school spirit during Spirit Week from Sept. 16-20. Each school had a schedule with different themed days for students and staff to participate in.
At North Middle School, students and staff dressed the part for Military Monday, Team Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday and Throwback Thursday. The South Middle School community also enjoyed the fun-filled week by dressing in their best clothing, going tropical in Hawaiian shirts, wearing crazy hats and representing their favorite college throughout the week. At the end of the week, students throughout the district showed their Lynbrook pride in green and gold as excitement grew for the district’s homecoming festivities on Sept. 21.