Withdrawal Form

To withdraw your child from Lynbrook High School, you must complete a Lynbrook High School withdrawal form.  Records will not be forwarded to another school unless all LHS school property has been returned (tablet, textbooks, calculator, etc.).  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s counselor.


Attention Students Withdrawing from Lynbrook Public Schools:

Save Important Files to Another Device
As you prepare to depart from Lynbrook Public Schools, please consider saving any important files/documents you have created during your time in school to another device. 

Shortly after your departure, all of your district accounts will be deactivated.  

Microsoft deletes all stored files thirty days after an account is deactivated. It is extremely difficulty to recover files after that point. 

If you have any files you wish to save, please do so before your account is deactivated:
o Log into OneDrive from your home computer.
o Download any files you wish to save to your computer.