Lynbrook UFSD Re-Entry Protocols for September 2021

Protocols for Students to take Mask Breaks

Re-Entry Protocols for September 2021 graphic


Lynbrook UFSD Protocol regarding Students Taking Mask Breaks
Cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms. Cloth face coverings are not surgical masks, respirators, or other medical personal protective equipment. All individuals in school facilities and on school grounds must be prepared to put on a face covering if another person unexpectedly cannot socially distance.

Schools will instruct students, parents/guardians and staff, contractors and vendors on:

• The proper way to wear face coverings;

• Washing hands before putting on and after removing their face covering;

• Proper way to discard disposable face coverings;

• The importance of routine cleaning of reusable face coverings; and

• Face coverings are for individual use only and should not be shared.

Face coverings may be challenging for students (especially younger students) to wear in all-day settings such as school, so scheduling mask breaks is important. At the elementary level, each class will be assigned mask breaks approximately every two hours. At the secondary level, students will be encouraged to take mask breaks, as necessary, when socially distant and/or protected by physical barriers. These will be permissible throughout the school day, including during class, off periods, and at lunch.