Online Etiquette Guidance

As the pandemic continues, Lynbrook Schools may find itself in a position where one or more buildings must close and pivot to remote learning. Teachers will use videoconferencing technologies to communicate with their students during this school closure. The district wishes to convey important guidelines for these technologies to ensure their effective and appropriate use.


  • Live videoconferences are considered an extension of the classroom and appropriate dress and language is expected of all students.
  • Students should mute their microphone at all times, except when directly contributing.
  • Students should be visible on their screens unless otherwise directed by the teacher



  • Parents should try to provide a quiet location in the home free from distractions.
  • Consider the use of headphones during the session to reduce distractions.
  • Be aware that live sessions can unintentionally broadcast activities in your home.



  • To ensure the privacy of all participants:
    • Any form of recording during a live session is prohibited.
    • Altering or sharing content provided by the teacher is prohibited.
    • Adults and siblings should not be present during a live session unless providing technical support.