South Middle School Library

Mrs. Wasielesky
Ms. Margan

Statement on Student Book Choice

The Lynbrook ELA department maintains a deep commitment to fostering a love of reading in our students and providing choice to students is a proven and research-based method for accomplishing this. Book titles that are available to students in classrooms and from the school library are recognized by literacy experts as academically and developmentally supportive, and include national winners of awards such as the Newbery, Printz, Coretta Scott King, and Alex prizes, promoted by library organizations such as the YALSA and ALA, and align with the principles of the NCTE and NYS NGLS. These titles are acknowledged for their high student interest, their literary merit, and for their ability to develop critical thinking.

Students’ book choices often reflect their own interests, and sometimes students choose books that contain mature themes and language, such as themes of coming-of-age (including sexuality), loss, and peer pressure. Parents are encouraged to discuss book choices with their children, as well to discuss the reading of these books. With parents as partners in a child’s reading education, the Lynbrook ELA department hopes to make lifelong literacy a priority in every child’s education.

Library Resources in Schoology

Schoology is our Learning Management System here at South Middle School. Each student has been added to the Library resources in Schoology, and every parent who has created a Schoology account has been added as well. It is a safer platform to keep resources organized, since it is password dependent. Schoology is also available from your smartphone, which makes keeping in touch super easy! Happy hunting!