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Marion Street gets visit from LHS Owl Buddies

Lynbrook High School freshman Evan Cao visited his younger brother Christopher, a Marion Street fourth grader, as part of the Owl Buddies program.  thumbnail255481
The high schoolers led a discussion about the Lunar New Year with fourth graders.  thumbnail255482
Owl Buddy Edison Arriola handed out materials for a craft project. thumbnail255483
Ana Juarez showed her younger peers what the completed project might look like.  thumbnail255484
Lynbrook High School students in the Owl Buddies program rang off the Lunar New Year at Marion Street Elementary School as they led an engaging craft activity for fourth graders on Feb. 16.

Through their visits to elementary students, Owl Buddies get experience hosting lessons that they put together. Starting off, they walked fourth graders through the traditions and history surrounding the Lunar New Year, including why the current year is the year of the dragon. The high schoolers then handed out materials and helped their younger peers put together craft dragons in celebration of the holiday. Fourth graders got creative with colors before cutting out their dragons and making puppets for a parade. Several Owl Buddies got the chance to visit younger relatives in the classroom, such as freshman Evan Cao who spent time with his younger brother, Christopher.


Date Added: 2/23/2024

PJ’s and hot chocolate spell a comfy day at Lynbrook South Middle

students thumbnail255485
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students thumbnail255487
Students arrived at Lynbrook South Middle School on Feb. 16 dressed in their pajamas, ready for a comfy and relaxing start to their day.

The PTA annually sponsors Warm and Fuzzy Day before the winter recess, giving students the opportunity to get cozy and enjoy a movie in the general purpose room. PTA volunteers handed out hot chocolate and bagels for all to enjoy a delicious morning.

Date Added: 2/27/2024

Community members honored by PTA for Founders’ Day

Lynbrook_Founders_Day_1.png thumbnail255526
Several members of the Lynbrook Schools family were honored during the Council of PTA’s 2024 Founders’ Day. Honorary Life Membership honorees included:

Mrs. Andrea Michielini (Lynbrook Council of PTAs)
Dr. Danielle Longo and Mr. Charles Vessalico (Lynbrook High School)
Mrs. Maria Raynor and Mrs. Anne Marie Brandstetter (South Middle School)
Mrs. Deirdre Haunss and Mr. Zachary Rifkind (North Middle School)
Dr. Sharmin Hakim and Mr. William Toscano (Marion Street School)
Mrs. Erica Ruvolo and Mrs. Susan Deery (West End School)
Mrs. Dawn C. Sahakian and Mrs. Melinda Raymar (Waverly Park School)
Mrs. Elizabeth Famiglietti and Mrs. Alyssa Aksionoff (Lynbrook SEPTA)

Additionally, Mrs. Patricia Schroeder is the first recipient of the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center Foundations Award. #OwlProud

Date Added: 2/26/2024

Lynbrook North Middle reviews safe social media practices

“Words have power” reminded Lynbrook North Middle students about the importance of welcoming social media practices.  thumbnail255479
Principal Marianne Healy and teacher James O’Hara visited classrooms to address biased language and the power of words.  thumbnail255480
In preparation of a relaxing winter recess on Feb. 16, students at North Middle School in the Lynbrook School District reviewed a key phrase that helps maintain a mindful social media habit: Words have power.

Principal Marianne Healy, social studies teacher James O’Hara and support staff visited classrooms to encourage safe and all-welcoming social media practices. Students were reminded that biased words, even when unintended, can cause hurt, pain and harm to young people and can also lead to more consequential impacts like acts of bias, discrimination or bullying. Classrooms explored what biased language looks like, its impact and how to address it when faced with or witnessing it.


Date Added: 2/23/2024

Students share their expert knowledge in non-fiction museum

students thumbnail255478

As a culminating project for their non-fiction reading unit, second graders at Waverly Park researched a topic of their choice. Using multiple sources, they spent weeks becoming experts, learning facts about their topics and vocabulary that went along with it. They practiced their presentation skills and shared what they learned in an Expert Museum on Feb. 8! #OwlProud #OwlLearns

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Date Added: 2/23/2024