Music Instruction Goes Digital

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Lynbrook students are continuing their music instruction at home with the creativity of their music teachers. By utilizing digital tools such as videos, students are honing their music skills and connecting with their teachers in a new way. For example, Kristen Scalice, general music teacher at Marion Street Elementary School asked her students to log in to the platform Seesaw to watch a video featuring her playing a music game. She then encouraged the students to try the game at home and to post or email a video or audio clip of them playing the game by themselves or with someone in their family. To watch Ms. Scalice’s video and learn the game, please click here: 

Michael Worshoufsky, general music teacher from the Kindergarten Center and Waverly Park Elementary School, has also embraced video to connect with his students. Mr. Worshoufsky created a sing along video for Lynbrook kindergartners with him playing the piano for the students to sing along with at home. To view his video, please click here: