Marion Street Students Show Kindness for Kenya

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Marion Street Elementary School third graders recently expanded their global knowledge while studying Kenya. Classes conducted extensive research, read informational texts and completed their own PowerPoint presentations and postcards. While learning about the different schools in Kenya, the students decided to come together and make a positive change. Looking to raise money for Kenyan students, the third graders wrote persuasive letters and created posters for Marion Street Principal Theresa Macchia and their teachers to gain their support.

The students decided to partner with the non-profit organization Reason2Smile whose mission is to provide educational opportunities for children at the Jambo Jipya School in Mtwapa, Kenya. The Jambo Jipya School and Children’s Home was founded by a Kenyan woman who wanted to make a difference in the lives of the children in her community. Classes read “Neema’s Reason To Smile” by Patricia Newman, a book based on the Jambo Jipya School.

Students discussed Neema’s dreams and reflected on their own dreams. They then facilitated a fundraiser, Kindness for Kenya and raised $345 for the Jambo Jipya School and Children’s Home. Due to their generous donation, the third graders received bracelet kits from Reason2Smile which contained beads from Kenya. They created their own recycled paper bead bracelets in class which they were able to keep.

In addition, the students participated in a Webex meeting with Donna Rosenblum, executive director of Reason2Smile. Ms. Rosenblum showed the students pictures and talked to them about the school and Kenya. The third graders also engaged in a Q&A session and explored a chest of artifacts that Ms. Rosenblum sent over to Marion Street from Kenya. The third graders were fully engaged in their virtual meeting and learned so much through their service project.