Kindergarten Center celebrates the Class of 2021

Students Holding Up Letters That Spell Out

It was a day filled with positivity and promise on June 21 as the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center graduating Class of 2021 was celebrated.

Students marched down the 50-yard line at Marion Street School to the theme of “It’s a Small World” as they wore caps representing the colors of the rainbow. The cheery kindergartners sang along as they waved to their family and friends who were cheering on from the nearby bleachers. Principal Ellen Postman welcomed visitors and congratulated the Class of 2021. She was very prideful as she addressed the graduation’s visitors as well.

“Take a good look on stage, and what do you see?” she asked. “I see a world full a children who had the best school year ever. All of your children’s laughter, bright smiles and kindness have turned the Kindergarten Center into its own small world.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak praised Lynbrook families for the ongoing partnership that grew stronger in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, and she looks forward to seeing what’s next for the eventual Lynbrook High School Class of 2033.

“We know that this year began with so many trepidations about what this year was going to bring. I hope you see the fruits of the labor of everyone. As Mrs. Postman said, it takes a village. You were a great support for us, and we thank you so much,” Dr. Burak said. “As always, the Kindergarten Center is a beautiful place to begin one’s educational career here in Lynbrook. We are so proud of all you graduates. This is just the beginning of a long journey that we hope will continue to bring good, happy moments for you to cherish forever.”

The students also presented the kindergarten poem “I Am a Promise,” as well as “The World is a Rainbow.” Each kindergarten graduation class and their teachers were called up one-by-one so they could receive proper recognition before marching off the field in celebration.