Lynbrook Kindergarten Center Students Move and Dance for Multicultural Week

A)	Students at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center danced along to cultural dances performed by the Phyllis Rose Dance Company. thumbnail216855
Students had fun learning about various techniques and instruments thumbnail216857
The audience was asked to get on their feet to join the fun thumbnail216858
Kindergarten Center students also brought in cultural artifacts from home thumbnail216859
The dance inspired by Spanish street performers utilized several hula-hoops. thumbnail216860
Students at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center in the Lynbrook Public School District marked International Week with celebratory dances and songs from cultures all over the world.

Kindergarteners gathered in the gymnasium for performances by the Phyllis Rose Dance Company, a group of talented dancers who highlight traditional cultural dances. The dances of many cultures were represented, including Jamaican, Spanish, Puerto Rican and more. The students got on their feet and danced and clapped along with the captivating performances. They learned of various instruments related to certain dances, such as the castanets, which are used to make rhythmic sounds for fast-paced dance moves.

Students also brought in items related to their backgrounds from home. The items were presented in mini museums outside of classrooms.

Date Added: 5/9/2022