Lynbrook Middle Schoolers Take Next Step in Educational Journey

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Students at Lynbrook North and South Middle Schools marked the end of their time as middle schoolers and stepped forward as high schoolers at their commencement ceremonies on June 22.

Students entered the gymnasium at Lynbrook High School to the theme of “Pomp and Circumstance” while friends and family members cheered them on. At South Middle’s ceremony, Aidan Michaels and Aaron Malinka addressed the class and Principal Kaitlin GaNun offered words of encouragement and advice, while Principal Marianne Healy and student Ella Carroll spoke at North Middle’s ceremony.

“Rather than wondering about what’s to come, let’s take hold of the future so that it can’t escape,” Aidan said to his peers.

Aaron reflected on the many minutes spent as students so far, and the time that’s still ahead of him and his class. “Everyone has different ideas of what they want to become when they’re older,” he said. “The future is bright for all of these students – our future is decided by our education.”

Principal GaNun spoke about the importance of kindness. “Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and courteous,” she said. “You, the Class of 2022, have shown kindness over the course of the last few years and you helped bring South back to life after a global pandemic.”

At North, Ella Carroll discussed the unique journey her and her peers have taken as middle schoolers. “We have faced adversity over the last two years, and we chose to reach the end of it while striving to move forward with our education,” she said. “High school is quickly approaching and soon after that we will all embark on our own paths and pursue our passions.”

Principal Healy urged students to continue to expect the unexpected. “Some things cannot be planned for, as we all learned firsthand over the past two years,” she said. “It is the unexpected when you learn the lessons that have the greatest impact on your life.”

Several awards were also distributed to deserving students. Students individually accepted their diplomas from Board of Education members, signaling their preparedness to continue as the Lynbrook High School Class of 2026.

Date Added: 6/27/2022