Lynbrook South Middle School Students Battle Social Isolation

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Throughout the week of Sept. 19-23, South Middle School in the Lynbrook Public School District recognized Start With Hello Week by bringing awareness to the impact of social isolation.

The mission of the week is to honor the Sandy Hook Foundation’s promise to combat social isolation. Students discussed how to identify when peers may be feeling isolated and how to improve connections by starting with a simple “hello.” They received name tags and were challenged to greet at least five new peers.

During the week, sixth graders had a visit from Principal Kaitlin GaNun to read aloud the book “Invisible Boy” by Trudy Ludwig, and social worker Amanda Cioffi facilitated a discussion about social awareness, kindness and the importance of reaching out.

The week also included Positive Note Tuesday and Welcome Wednesday, along with a photo booth and other cooperative activities to encourage teamwork and initiate new friendships.

Date Added: 9/23/2022