Lynbrook High School marks annual Human Relations Day

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Lynbrook High School was bustling with activity as the community marked the annual Human Relations Day on Feb. 15, when the school invited a wide range of guest speakers to share their stories.

Diverse perspectives found within the Lynbrook community and beyond are on full display on Human Relations Day. Individuals spoke with students to offer glimpses into their lives. This year, 21 speakers visited the school, including a radio and television host, a photographer, directors, writers, a police officer and a politician. Asher Matthias, who survived the Holocaust and now advocates for Greek Jews, spoke with students in the auditorium. Lynbrook High School alumni Patrick Mantel and Jerry Ruoti also spoke with students about their careers.

The day was organized by students in the Student Government Association, along with club advisor Mary Kirby.

Date Added: 2/23/2023