Lynbrook Kindergarten Center students get a taste of the community’s cultures

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The Multicultural Festival made its return to the Kindergarten Center in the Lynbrook Public School District on April 27, which gave students the chance to shine alongside their family members as they made presentations about their cultural backgrounds.

Kindergarteners streamed into the gymnasium and sung “It’s a Small World” and “Buenos Dias!” to kick-off the festival. The musical fun continued as Lisa Genicoff, Kathleen Freehill and Bonnie Shapiro’s classes performed the “tarantella” around an Italian flag. Students and guests then stood in front of the audience to present facts and performances about their own cultural backgrounds, such as Molly Curran who showed off her Irish step dancing skills. In addition, books and poems were read, and more authentic dances got kindergarteners grooving on their feet. They included Mrs. Minyan Weiss and Kyla Weiss; Mrs. Stephanie Jablonsky and Dash Jablonsky; Mrs. Anne-Marie Gonzales-Dadiz and Aliyah Dadiz; and Mrs. Musha Dimitrov and Dara Dimitrov.

Following the performances, students enjoyed mini-museums filled with personal items brought in by Kindergarten Center families, as well as a variety of authentic cultural dishes.

Date Added: 5/3/2023