Voyager Program works to protect neighborhood tree

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Voyager students from all three elementary schools began a problem-based learning unit inspired by an issue that was affecting the maple trees in West End’s playground.

Students saw a significant number of adult lanternflies congregating on two maple trees. After researching the life cycle of this invasive species, students began to learn more about the egg masses that were expected to form on the trees in the upcoming months. As students continued their observations, they indeed noticed egg masses forming on the maple trees they were tracking. This inspired them to reach out to our custodial staff to ask for assistance in their removal. Mr. Irizarry and Mr. Bruno were more than happy to assist our students in removing the egg masses that were forming on the trees.

“Although our removal was successful, we did see other egg masses high up in the branches that we were unable to reach, Voyager instructor Corinne Teichman explained. Should those egg masses survive the winter months, our Voyagers are prepared come May & June to develop traps to catch the nymphs.”

Students will continue to work toward learning more about this invasive insect and the consequences of its presence in our environment. #OwlProud #OwlLearns #OwlCares

Date Added: 10/31/2023